Important Notices


Welcome to Campbeltown Grammar School!

School Photographs

The school photographer is visiting on Monday 29th August to photograph pupils in S1, S4 and S6.  These photographs are offered to families for sale if they wish to have them.  We also use the photographs in our records.

Please be sure to wear your school uniform to have your photograph taken on Monday.  Photographs are taken in the Hall and the photographer uses a screen so that none of the pupils who are waiting can see you having your photograph taken!  

Classes will be phoned down to the hall where they will sit in register groups.  Staff should accompany classes.

S6 pupils with non-contact periods should not go out of school until their photograph has been taken. 

Normally, we get through everyone during periods 1 and 2.


Work on our new school has progressed well over the summer. Please remember that the school car park is much busier than before and do not use it to drop pupils off after 8.30 or before 16.30.  Drop off should be at the bus turning place or by turning left at the gate from Hutcheon Road.